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We love and miss you Louis!


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  1. Jodie Mahoney
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    David and family, I am sorry for your loss. Also my uncle. I am the daughter of Emilia Villanueva. Beautiful job on the website. I think I met you when your mother and father came to NY after leaving the Canary Islands, you were just a baby then. Again sorry for your loss. Your cousin Jodie

    • David Villanueva
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      Thank you Jodie for your kind response. The Canary Islands was a very long time ago. I was about two years old when we moved back in 1963. You have a good memory! I do not remember the place where I was born, but have pictures. My intention is to have a return visit before too long. My father lived a very interesting and full life, having been blessed in many ways. He had a very serious side and a funny side too. In his final days here, he was very much at peace and seemed to welcome the next phase of his journey. I wish your family happiness and good health, cousin. Take care.

  2. David Villanueva
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    We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday celebrating the life of Louis Villanueva. Thanks to all who were able to make it. We understand why some folks could not. Visitors included Dorothy, Louis’ sister from Sacramento CA, Bob and Rosanne Illa and children from Sacramento CA, Jeff Tyler from Couer’ d’ Alene ID, Keith Tyler from Bakersfield CA, Kelley (Joel Tyler’s daughter, not sure where she lives but in SoCal), Jerry and Janene Tyler from Bakersfield CA, Will and Caitlan Nesbitt from Napa CA, Liz Nesbitt from Napa CA, Alia Villanueva from Sacramento CA, Juan Simental from Sacramento CA, and Marcela Simental from Sacramento CA. We all enjoyed remembering Louis by sharing stories and comments about Louis’ life in a group setting, and through more intimate personal conversations. A special thanks to Joanie Nesbitt’s friends, Cheryl and Sharon, who help tremendously by assisting with food preparation and other important tasks that made our get together more comfortable and enjoyable.

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